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About Me

My name is Zehavit Carmel and I am an artist and illustrator.
Born and raised in Jerusalem, and I am drawing and painting from an early age.
When I was young,  I have watched the play 'Michael Kolhas". I sat in the theatre fascinated, and at that moment I decided to study B.F.A in theatre design at Tel Aviv University. After graduation,  i have worked as a set and costume designer in various productions, for theatre, film and television, i have enjoyed it, but  i wanted to make art again, and to study, so I have moved to New York City and  graduated  with an M.A.LS - a masters degree in studio art and liberal studies.

Upon returning to Israel in 2006, I was offered to illustrate a new translation of the classic book, I loved in my childhood, "Platero and I”. The book describes a magical and poetic friendship between a poet and his donkey. I enjoyed very much to illustrate the book, as i did with the books that followed.  My Illustrations to "Platero and I” and other books were successfully exhibited in Israel and abroad, and received praising reviews in the press.
Coincide with my work as an Illustrator  , I have  continued to  make and exhibit art, and  to travel in Israel and abroad. One such trip, in southern Africa, changed my life.
This tour of three weeks in breathtaking nature, I learned and sew with my own eyes  the plight of wildlife and wilderness in Africa. When I came back from the trip, I started to get involved in different nature conservation organisations in Israel, Africa and the world. 

My involvement led to the creation of  “Wilderness A.I.R”.  It is an artist in residence program that uses the arts in all its forms as a tool to encourage  and promote nature conservation. The program, which I initiated, is formulated in cooperation with organisations and individuals from the  fields of tourism, nature conservation and the arts  from South Africa ,Uganda, and other parts of the world.
I hope that the plan will be realised and will be implemented in 2017 in South Africa and Uganda, and in other parts  of the world.