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“Sparrows and Cyprus Tree” Tote Bag
“Sparrows and Cyprus Tree” Tote Bag

“Sparrows and Cyprus Tree” Tote Bag

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If there is one word to describe this beautiful and colorful painting, it is “harmonious”.

The colors really bring this image to life in a unique way, evoking similar feelings to that of what can be found when sitting in the tranquility of nature itself.

There is also a sense of freedom that emanates from this picture. Birds have always been symbolic of freedom, but look at how even the colors and lines are free to do as they will on the paper.

If you wish to bring a natural peacefulness along with a sense of newfound freedom and creativity into your home, this is the painting for you.

A stylish way to carry books, groceries or anything else one might need! This especially roomy, practical high quality cotton twill Tote Bag is an ideal canvas for any print. Shoulder length handles provide comfort with style in every situation.


Note: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

.: 100% Cotton
.: Boxed corners
.: Decorative seams on sides

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